Commodities Buzz: US Aluminium Production Up 4% On Month In January 2018

As per a latest report from United States Geological Survey (USGS), the primary aluminum production of US in January 2018 was 66,000 metric tons (t). The average daily production in January was 2,130 t, 4% more than that in December 2017 and 6% more than that in January 2017, but 28% less than that in January 2016. Total aluminum recovered from scrap in January 2018 was 292,000 t, 4% more than the revised amount in December 2017, slightly less than the revised amount in January 2017, but unchanged from the amount in January 2016. Of this, 168,000 t of aluminum was recovered from new scrap and 125,000 t was recovered from old scrap