Commodities Buzz: US Ethanol Sector Corn Use Down Nearly 9% On Month

The amount of US corn used for ethanol production in February dropped 8.9% compared with Januarys total and rose 2.4% compared with the year-ago month, US Department of Agriculture data showed yesterday. In its monthly grain crushings and co-product production report, the USDA said 433.622 million bushels of corn was used for ethanol production in the US in February, compared with 476.129 million bushels in January and 423.574 million bushels in January 2017.

The proportion of corn consumed in February for dry milling fuel production and wet milling fuel production was 90.7% and 9.3%, respectively. USDA also showed 1.815 million hundredweights of sorghum were used for ethanol production in February, compared with 6.450 million hundredweights used in February 2017. In the current marketing year, which started September 1, corn consumption for ethanol production represented the largest single demand sector at 37.6% of total use.