Commodities Buzz: Reviews confirm no indications of contamination from Alunorte on the local communities after February rainfall

Norsk Hydro was presenting on Monday 9 April the main findings from the internal task force and the third-party review from Brazilian environmental consultancy, SGW Services. "Both reports confirm previous statements that there was no overflow from the bauxite residue deposit areas, as well as no indication or evidence of contamination to nearby local communities from Alunorte as a result of the heavy rainfall in February," says President and CEO, Svein Richard Brandtzæg.

"We have initiated several measures to further enhance Alunortes operational standards, including water treatment capacity, emergency preparedness plans and maintenance. We will also strengthen community engagement to ensure that we contribute to sustainable development in Barcarena in line with Hydros CSR Strategy," he says. Following the unusually heavy rainfall in February, an internal task force and Brazilian environmental consultancy SGW Services have performed reviews of Alunorte. The reviews include the operation of the bauxite residue deposits, water and effluent systems, and potential impact on the external environment.

Main findings from the internal task force and SGW Services are the following:

No overflows from Alunortes bauxite residue deposit areas No indication or evidence that Alunorte has contaminated local communities of Barcarena No indication or evidence of any significant or lasting environmental impact to nearby rivers Improvement proposals in the following areas: Water management and treatment capacity Preventive maintenance and upgrades Emergency preparedness plans and training