Commodities Buzz: Hecla Reports 2.5 Million Ounces of Silver and 57808 Ounces of Gold Production in First Quarter 2018

Hecla Mining Company today announced preliminary silver and gold production results¹ for the first quarter of 2018. Silver production was of 2.5 million ounces, and gold production of 57,808 ounces. Lead production was of 5,627 tons; zinc production of 15,211 tons. n++Our mines are performing well due to the strength of our operating teams and consistent and disciplined capital programs that have improved these longlived mines,n++ said Phillips S. Baker, Jr., Heclas President and CEO. n++Greens Creek continues growing throughput, primarily due to increased efficiency at shift change as we utilize new technologies like remote monitoring systems and automated use of the LHD.

Casa Berardi is now fully an underground and open pit mine and continues to set throughput records. San Sebastians production is primarily from stockpiled open pit material as we transition to the underground. The cash position is the second highest in the past 6 years, and we expect to deploy it to acquire Klondex in the second quarter.n++

At the Casa Berardi mine, 40,177 ounces of gold were produced, including 10,655 ounces from the East Mine Crown Pillar pit, in the first quarter of 2018. The mine produced as expected, with an increase of 4,370 ounces compared to the first quarter of 2017. The mill operated at an average of 3,873 tpd, a quarterly record.