USDA Raises US Crude Soyabean Oil Production In Mach 2018

As per the latest report from US Department of Agriculture (USDA),US production of crude soybean oil was 189 million lb higher in March compared with February, and 214 million lb higher compared with the same month a year earlier,

In its monthly Fats and Oils report, the USDA said soybean processors produced 2.079 billion lb of crude soybean oil in March, compared with 1.889 billion lb in February. Processors crushed 5.465 million st of soybeans in March, compared with 4.948 million st in February.

The data also showed that rendering plants produced 109 million lb of choice white grease in March, down 3% or 3.9 million lb from February. Rendering plants produced 342 million lb of inedible tallow in March, up 6% from February and 7% more than in March 2017.