SEA of India Estimates 24 percent Decline In April Oilmeal Exports

As per the latest data compile by Solvent Extractors Association of India, the overall export of oilmeals during April 2018, provisionally reported at 155,069 tons compared to 203,698 tons in April 2017. The export of rapeseed meal is sharply increased to nearly 100,000 tons, mainly exported to South Korea.

The overall export of oilmeals during the year (2017-18) has revived and reported at 3,025,538 tons compared to 1,885,480 tons during the same period of last year (2016-17). In term of value the total earning has increased to Rs. 4,758 crores compared to Rs. 3219 crores, up by 48%. thanks to higher export of Rapeseed Meal of 663,988 (Up by 209%), Ricebran Extractions of 594,129 tons (Up by 77%) and Castorseed Meal of 572,762 tons (Up by 39%).