TMW introduces digital gold

Bengaluru: Mumbai based digital payments company TMW has launched TMW Gold as a gold buying and selling option for its customers in partnership with SafeGold. Customers can now purchase 24Karat 999.9% purity gold on the TMW application for any price something as low as Re 1.

In a note to the press the company said that TMW users can buy the gold and store the gold for up to five years without having to pay only storage fees.

“At TMW, our motto is to offer convenience to our consumers as far as investment in gold is concerned. In fact, there is a huge potential among the Indian households that are ready to make a small contribution towards long-term wealth creation. With tmwGold, our customers can buy and sell gold of global quality standard at market-linked prices immediately,” said Vinay Kalantri, founder, TMW.

Consumers can get gold certificates on every purchase and the gold gets stored in a virtual vault and consumers have the flexibility to convert his wallet reward points into gold.