Commodities Buzz: USDA Estimates 20.90 Million Tonnes Rise In Global Oilseeds Production For MY 2018/19

The latest update from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the global oilseeds production is projected up 20.9 million tons to 593.7 million, with higher soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, palm kernel, and copra partly offset by lower peanuts and cottonseed. Global soybean production is projected up 17.8 million tons to 354.5 million mostly due to recovery from drought in Argentina. Soybean production for Argentina is projected up 17.0 million tons to 56.0 million. Production for Brazil is flat with the revised 2017/18 crop at 117 million tons as a 4 percent increase in harvested area is offset with a return to trend yields. The 2018/19 soybean crop for China is down 0.1 million tons to 14.1 million with a lower yield and flat harvested area as producers expand area in more profitable crops. Global protein meal consumption is projected to increase 4 percent in 2018/19, with China accounting for the largest share of the increase despite below-average growth in protein meal consumption. As a result of higher protein meal demand, global crush is projected up 19.9 million tons to 509.4 million and protein meal exports are up 1.7 million tons to 90.4 million. Global vegetable oil consumption is projected at 198.6 million tons, up 7.1 million led by increases for China, India, and Indonesia. Soybean oil production gains are forecast for China and palm oil gains for Indonesia and Malaysia. Global vegetable oil ending stocks are projected up 2.0 million tons and nearing levels seen prior to the impact of El Nin++o on vegetable oil production in 2015/16. Global oilseed exports are up 11.2 million tons to 186.4 million in 2018/19, with soybeans accounting for most of the increase. Soybean exports for Argentina and the United States are expected to regain global market share after declining in 2017/18. China soybean imports are forecast to reach a record 103 million tons, up 6 million from 2017/18. With higher soybean crush and exports, global soybean ending stocks are down 5.5 million tons to 86.7 million.