Commodities Buzz: China Sales of Electric Vehicles up 149% in Jan-April 2018

Sales of electric vehicles were up 149% in China in the first four months of the year. And China being China, that means an awful lot of carsn++225,310 to be precise.

Given that China is aiming for 2 million electric vehicle sales a year by 2020, theres still some work to be done. But if the city of Shenzhens fleet of 14,000 all-electric buses is anything to go by, markets can change incredibly fast over there once decision makers put their minds to it.

And with China continuing to add solar at faster-than-expected rates, this growth in electric vehicles couldnt come at a better time. Not only will the grid they get their charge from be greener, but more cars plugging in might just help alleviate concerns about solar overcapacity and grid stability in the country.

In slightly less exciting news, also reported was the fact that car sales overall were up 11.5% in April.