Precious Metals Preview: WGC Pins Hopes On China And India For Gold Demand Growth In Coming Decades

The World Gold Council launched a one-off essay collection, Gold 2048, bringing together industry-leading experts from across the globe to analyze how the gold market is set to evolve in the next 30 years.

Key conclusions from the report:

n++ The expanding middle class in China and India, combined with broader economic growth, will have a significant impact on gold demand.

n++ Use of gold across energy, healthcare and technology is changing rapidly. Golds position as a material of choice is expected to continue and evolve over the coming decades.

n++ Mobile apps for gold investment, which allow individuals to buy, sell, invest and gift gold will develop rapidly in India and China.

n++ Environmental, social and governance issues will play an increasing role in re-shaping mining production methods.

n++ The gold mining industry will have to grapple with the challenge of producing similar levels of gold over the next 30 years to match the volume it has historically delivered.