Fuel prices today: Check latest petrol, diesel prices after a dip for ninth consecutive day

Fuel prices dropped marginally on Thursday with the dip in prices of petrol by 9 paise and diesel by 7 paise in the national capital. The decreasing price trend has continued since May 30, slashing prices of petrol and diesel by a total of 80 paise and 57 paise respectively.

After the cut of nine paise on the day, petrol prices have now dropped to Rs 77.63 per litre from Rs 77.72 per litre on Wednesday, while diesel reached Rs 68.73 per litre from Rs 68.80 per litre of the previous day, as per the updated price notification issued by Indian Oil Corporation.

The price cut in petrol was same in Mumbai on the day, while it was one paisa more in case of diesel, which slashed down by 8 paise in Maharashtra’s capital as compared to Wednesday. The prices of petrol and diesel here are now Rs 85.45 per litre and Rs 73.17 per litre respectively.

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Fuel prices vary from state to state depending on local sales tax or VAT. Price of petrol remains the highest in Mumbai, while it was lowest in Port Blair. It costs Rs 66.89 per litre in the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a Union Territory situated in the Bay of Bengal.

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In case of diesel prices, Hyderabad remained on top with Rs 74.71 per litre. Petrol price was fixed at Rs 82.23 per litre here.

Here are petrol and diesel prices in several state capitals today:

Kolkata: Petrol – Rs 80.28/ltr; Diesel – Rs 71.28/ltr

Chennai: Petrol – Rs 80.59/ltr; Diesel – Rs 72.56/ ltr

Bangalore: Petrol – Rs 78.90/ltr; Diesel – Rs 69.91/ ltr

Chandigarh: Petrol – Rs 74.66/ltr; Diesel – Rs 66.74/ ltr

Jaipur: Petrol – Rs 80.40/ltr; Diesel – Rs 73.18/ltr

Lucknow: Petrol – 78.19/ltr; Diesel – Rs 68.89/ltr

Patna: Petrol – Rs 83.10/ltr; Diesel – Rs 73.42/ltr

Raipur: Petrol – Rs 78.01/ltr; Diesel – Rs 74.20/ltr

Srinagar: Petrol – Rs 82.02/ltr; Diesel – Rs 72.11/ltr

The recent reduction in fuel prices follows a consecutive 16-day hike in fuel prices across the country initiated by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) post Karnataka Assembly elections, which had led to a cumulative hike of Rs 3.80 per litre in petrol and Rs 3.38 per litre in diesel prices in Delhi.