USDA Improves US Corn and Soyabean Crop Rating For Current Year

As per the latest weekly crop release by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the rating for the U.S. corn crop decline 1% last week to 78% of the crop rated good to excellent. Eight states indicated that the corn condition had improved last week and 8 states indicated that the corn condition had declined last week. Most of the improvements were found in the western and northern Corn Belt while most of the declines were found in the southern and eastern Corn Belt. The top five rated corn states are: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. The five lowest rated corn states are: Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.The corn crop is off to a very good start, the best in many years.

In the first soybean rating for the 2018 U.S. growing season, the soybean crop was rated 75% good to excellent. The best ratings were found in the central and northern Corn Belt the lowest rating were found in the southern Corn Belt and Delta. The top five rated soybean states are: Minnesota, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa. The five states with the lowest rated soybeans are: Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, North Carolina, and South Dakota.The soybeans are being planted ahead of the average pace and they also emerged ahead of average. The rating for this years soybean crop is also starting out rated above average.