Commodities Buzz: Coal Indian Output Up More Than 100 MT In Last Four Years

Coal Production of Coal India Ltd. (CIL) has increased from 462 MT in 2013-14 to 567 MT in 2017-18. This 105 MT increase in production in four years took almost seven years to achieve before 2013-14. Drilling for exploration has almost doubled to 13.7 Lakh Metres in 2017-18 from 6.9 Lakh Meters in 2013-14. Government has also focused on better transportation through synergies between Coal and Railways Ministries. Coal linkage rationalization in power sector resulted in total coal movement rationalization of 55.66 MT with annual potential savings of Rs. 3,359 Crore. Coal loading of Coal India has increased from 195 rakes per day in 2014-15 to 230 rakes per day in 2017-18. Timelines for time-bound execution have been set for 14 critical projects for evacuating coal.