Petrol, diesel prices slashed for 13th day in a row – check how much you need to pay today

In a relief to road commuters, petrol and diesel prices have seen massive cuts in 13 days. The decreasing price trend, which started on May 30, continued on Monday with the dip in prices of petrol by Rs 1.85 and diesel by Rs 1.36 so far in Delhi.

Fuel prices vary from state to state depending on local sales tax or VAT. The price dip in petrol was 20 paise on the day as compared to the previous day in the national capital, as per the updated price notification issued by Indian Oil Corporation. The drop in petrol price was same in Mumbai, while it was one paisa higher in Chennai and one paisa lower in Kolkata.

The revised petrol price in Delhi was Rs 76.58 per litre, Mumbai Rs 84.41 per litre, Kolkata Rs 79.25 per litre and Chennai Rs 79.48 per litre.

In case of diesel, IOCL posted a drop of 15 paise from Sunday. This drop was applicable on diesel prices in Delhi and Kolkata, while it was 16 paise – one paisa higher – in Mumbai and Chennai.

The revised diesel price in Delhi was Rs 67.95 per litre, Mumbai Rs 72.35 per litre, Kolkata Rs 70.50 per litre and Chennai Rs 71.73 per litre.

Among all state capitals, price of petrol continued to be the highest in Mumbai on the day, while it remained lowest in Port Blair. The fuel cost Rs 66.01 per litre in the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In case of diesel, Hyderabad was on top at a price of Rs 73.86 per litre and Port Blair was on the bottom by selling the fuel at Rs 63.69 per litre, on the day.

Prices of Petrol among other state capitals (Rs/litre) Prices of diesel among other state capitals (Rs/litre)