Agri Buzz: US Climate Prediction Centre Expects Enhanced Rainfall In Last Week of June

The US Climate Prediction Centre (CPC) has stated in a latest update that the suppressed convection (dry phase) over the Indian Ocean would be replaced by active convection (rainy phase) during the next few days. This coincides with the expected arrival of the weather-altering Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) as it returns to the West Africa-Indian Ocean stretch to signal the transformation. It noted that a low-pressure area over India could bring above-average rainfall to the North-Eastern States as well as over the Bay of Bengal. CPC expects enhanced rainfall from North-West India to North Andhra Pradesh-Odisha-Bengal coast into Bay of Bengal, Myanmar and Bangladesh during June 20 to 26. Most of North-West India and Central India are likely to be covered under this scenario, baring Gujarat.