Commodities Buzz: Ukraine To Witness Strong Supplies of Rapeseed During MY2018/19

Harvesting of winter rapeseed started in Ukraine this past week. The rapid build-up of warmth in the spring accelerated growing processes in plants and caused early ripening of rapeseed.

As a result, farmers took to the fields almost ten days earlier than last year and harvested 62 KMT of rapeseed from 36.5 Th ha by June 22, i.e. from 4% of its projected harvest area of 982.6 Th ha (official data).

Favorable winter weather conditions reduced this years winter rape losses to 6% – this was the smallest percentage since 2000.

The rapeseed yield to decrease compared to last year, but it will nevertheless be above the five-year average. Combined with the expansion of plantings, this will make possible harvesting rather good crop.

Taking into account the expected crop increase in the new 2018/19 season, the supply & demand balance as a whole does not look tight. In the future, it will allow not only to export a ten-year record volume of rapeseed, but also to increase the processing inside the country.