Commodities Buzz: Aluminium Increases by 17.5% Over Year In July 2018

Indian Aluminium increased by 17.5% averaging at Rs 144/kg towards the end of July 2018 compared to Rs 122.6/kg last year. A decrease of 5% was observed in July 2018 as compared to the previous month. The data from IAI (International Aluminium Institute) indicated that Aluminium manufacturing in June 2018 was 5.321 million tonnes against 5.441 million tonnes May 2017. Aluminium production declined by 2.2% in the month of June compared to last year. On year on year there was a decline from 5.481 million tonnes, down 3% from June 2017. Aluminium production in Asia excluding China was 368000 tonnes, in comparison with 311000 tonnes during June 2017. Aluminium production in China was recorded at 3.03 million tonnes against 3.23 million tonnes in the previous year.