Commodities Buzz: Germanys Crop Production To Scale Record Lows In 2018

The German Farmers Association on Wednesday cut its forecast for wheat production for the year, saying the yield would likely reach its lowest point in at least 15 years as crops suffered from a drought caused by unusually hot weather.

The DBV said it expected the winter wheat harvest to fall to about 18m tons in 2018, compared to 24.1m tons last year, and cut expectations for all German grains to 36m tons from its last estimate of 41m tons. In 2003, after a heatwave devastated crops, Germanys wheat harvest fell to 19.6m tons.

The DBVs president, Joachim Rukwied, urged the German government to take action to help support farmers, many of whom he said needed n++quick support.n++ The group has already called for n++1bn in financial assistance from federal and state authorities, having previously downgraded its forecast for the wheat harvest to 20m tons.